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CLA means: clean, lubricate and adjust and is meant for cameras that are serviceable and have been typically used to film within the past year or so. CLA is the typical periodic maintenance that needs to be performed every 2 to 3 years as specified by the manufacturer, Bolex, S.A. of Switzerland.

A CLA typically does not require repair to the camera other than minor adjustments. If the camera does not wind smooth or run smooth, such as cameras found on eBay that have NOT been used for up to 50 years, we will service the winding mechanism, the take up reel clutch and the clean the speed regulator. If the camera needs more service, you may need an Extended CLA.

See this link: Excla.htm for more information.

Camera Services Performed:

* Calibrate and/or check alignment of inner workings

* Proper internal lubrication as necessary

* Lubricate the outer winding mechanism

* Check take up reel internal clutch

* Check the speed regulator

* Calibrate and adjust film transport assembly for:

- proper loop forming

- film registration

- film transport

* Check operation of all controls

* Check and calibrate light metering (as appropriate)


* Inspect all lenses

* Check for proper lens/viewfinder calibration

* Report and estimate on lens and other work, if needed.

Reflex Models:

* Check split focus

* Clean zoom battery compartment(s)


Plus $25.00 S&H USA, only. Outside USA, please email for shipping quote.

Plus parts, if needed. All small parts such as screws and springs are included free of charge. Excludes all other parts such lenses, windup spring motor assembly, battery box contacts, shutter assembly, light meter, all plastic dials, and any other related parts.

NOTE: Does not cover removal and cleaning of spring motor. ExCla DOES include removal and cleaning of spring motor.

Does not cover internal cleaning of viewfinder lens as this requires the shutter assembly to be disassembled. We will clean all external viewfinder lens surfaces.

Shipping includes insurance and tracking through US Postal System. Includes CD-ROM Operators Manual for your camera model. 30 day written warranty.

Click here to see how to send in you camera for evaluation or to see other repair and maintenance FAQS.

Can I Do My Own Overhaul?

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