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Extended CLA means a: clean, lubricate and adjust for cameras that are not serviceable (usable for filming) due to extended storage. The extended non-operation and storage of the camera causes the lubricating grease to harden and this prevent the camera's spring motor and winding/regulator assemblies from operating correctly.

A normal CLA is the annual maintenance check recommended to be performed every year as specified by the manufacturer, Bolex, S.A. of Switzerland for cameras that are in regular use. Most cameras can be serviced every 2 years or so without affecting the camera's performance. Cameras used in dusty or harsh conditions will typically require more frequent maintenance.

A normal CLA does not require motor removal (disassembly from the case) for extended cleaning. Extended CLA candidates are usually cameras bought from eBay sellers or from estate auctions or from thrift stores.

The large number of these cameras are in very good to excellent cosmetic condition from extended storage, but unfortunately the extended storage also means the oil and grease is either dried up or has hardened such that the camera will not wind and/or run smoothly.

Camera Services Performed:

* Dismantle and clean camera thoroughly
* Check and/or adjust FPS setting to factory tolerances
* Calibrate and/or check alignment of all other inner workings
* Proper lubrication per Bolex specification
* Calibrate and adjust film transport assembly for:
- proper loop forming
- film registration
- film transport
- film take-up tension
- Check with film
* Check operation of all controls
* Check light metering (as appropriate)
* Clean battery compartment(s) as necessary
* Clean and treat leather coverings with Lexol and/or replace damaged coverings


* Inspect all lenses
* Check for proper lens/viewfinder calibration
* Report and estimate on lens and other work, if needed.

Reflex Models:

* Check split focus
* Check reflex mirror assembly as necessary
* Check zoom battery compartment
* Check light meter (galvanometer) needle assembly
* Check adjustable diopter
* Check and/or reset diopter calibration
* Check backwind drag roller & clutch spring.


Plus $25.00 S&H USA, only.
Outside USA, please email for shipping quote.

Plus parts if needed unless indicated as "parts included". Other small parts such as screws and springs are included free of charge. Excludes all other parts such as lenses, windup spring motor assembly, battery box contacts, shutter assembly, light meter, plastic dials, and any other related parts.

Does not cover internal cleaning of viewfinder lens as this requires the shutter assembly to be disassembled. We will, however, clean all external viewfinder lens surfaces. If motor is overwound and resetting and testing the lock gears does not return the motor to operating conditions (a $25.00 charge), a replacement motor may be necessary.

Shipping includes insurance and tracking through US Postal System. Includes CD-ROM Owners Manual for your particular camera model. 30 day written warranty.

Can I Do My Own Overhaul?
Maybe. Read this overview.

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