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  Bolex Yvar lenses (5.5 mm, 13 mm, 36 mm)   $45.00 and up - ask   $5.50
  Film Door inc. hinge, spacer, lock   $35.00   $5.50
  Claw (film pulldown)   $10.00   $5.50
  Pressure Plate   $15.00   $5.50
  Spring Motor (90 day warranty)
  Free install with recalibration with ExCla or Cla
  $55.00   $5.50
  Light Meter Assembly (90 day warranty)
  Free install with recalibration with ExCla or Cla

      Note: Includes matching selenium cell and meter. Requires
      complete shutter assembly disassembly.
  $75.00   $5.50
  Film Tensioner (top) inc. spring   $8.00   $5.50
  Claw Cover inc. screw, tension spring   $14.95   $5.50
  Shutter Selector ( P1, D8L, D8LA )
  Free install and calibration with ExCla or Cla
  $65.00 to $75.00   $5.50
  Door Lock:spring,screw and locking cam   $15.00   $5.50
  Motor Windup Key Assembly / Inc: Key, flex spring   $15.95   $5.50
  Bolex "Declic" Handle (Refurb)   -sold out-   -try eBay-
  Wrist strap (non-Bolex)   -sold out-   -try eBay-
  Lens Dust Cap (Kern-Pallaird)- specify lens size in mm   -sold out-   -try eBay-
  Lens Hood (shade) Inc. P1-2-3. Inc: Adapter Ring   -sold out-   -try eBay-
  P1-2-3 Filter Adapter Ring - specify size   $14.95   $5.50
  P1-2-3 Lens Assemblies***   $65.00 to $95.00 (ask)   $5.50
  Long Zoom Stick P1, 2, or 3   $15.00   $5.50
  Short Zoom Stick P1, 2, or 3   -sold out-   -try eBay-
  Bolex Owners Manual (original)   $15.00 to $25.00** Inquire   $5.50
  Bolex Leather Case (original)   $25.00 to $50.00** Inquire   $9.50
  Don't see what you need?   Inquire Send email

We have parts and complete cameras from B8 up to P3. Sorry, we do not repair or sell parts for the L8 or S or K series. Dont't see the part you need? Just ask. All items can be combined to save on shipping. Minimum shipping charge is $7.95 and includes insurance. Be sure to specify exact model.

If you are unsure, send us a written description, picture or an email description. A great majority of Bolex 8mm double run parts are interchangeable. Some, however, are not. All parts sold here are used in serviceable condition unless otherwise specified. Not all parts in stock at all times. All items subject to being sold. ** = depending upon condition. *** = exchange.

No charge for parts installation if done in conjunction with CLA, EXCLA or Overhaul. Ask.


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