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Who We Are

BolexRepair.com specializes in repair of Bolex "Double Run" 8mm film cameras. This includes: D8L, D8LA, B8, B8L, B8LA, B8Sl, C8, C8L, as well as the Bolex 8mm P1, P2, & P3 series of Bolex's 8mm reflex cameras.

What We Do

We perform recommended periodic Cleaning, Lubrication, Adjustment (CLA), as well as Extended CLA for older, non-maintained cameras. We can completely overhaul your camera and replace any broken or worn parts and make your 8mm Bolex "like new".  Not sure which service you need?
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Need Manuals, Parts?

Need Manuals? We have an extensive selection of Bolex 8mm "double run" camera parts for sale as well as scans of Bolex 8mm manuals on CD-ROM for all Bolex "double run" 8mm cameras as well as several other cameras including, Bolex H8, H16, Elmo 1012S-XL and Beauliue 2008-4008 series.

H-16 or H-8 Repair?

Need Bolex H16 or H8 Parts or repair? Go here: - PROCAM

Camera Repair

We repair or service only the following Bolex 8mm camera models: B8 - B8SL - B8L - B8LA - C8 - C8L - C8LA - C8SL - D8L - D8LA - P1 - P2 - P3. For more information, click here.

Need Bolex H16 or H8 service or repair? Go here: PROCAM

Camera Sales

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Camera repair & owners manuals, technical documentation, 8mm Reflex camera lightmeter battery replacement kits. Click here .


Questions and answers about Bolex 8MM cameras. Click here .


Link page to more information on Bolex cameras. Click here .


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ExCLA Special

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