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Overhaul means we will diagnose, disassemble, clean, repair, and replace all damaged or worn parts (parts extra), remove and re-attachment all leather coverings, polish camera case (brightwork) and assemble and test. Camera when finished, is essentially the same as when new. Includes CD-ROM manual for your camera model. 30 day written warranty.

Overhaul also includes all labor for any additional repairs to camera's light meter battery box or shutter assembly (including Bolex reflex models) to repair damaged light meter wiring.

Repair does not include cost of replacement parts such as 1) light meter movement (non-reflex), or 2) CDS (reflex) or selenium cells (non-reflex), 3) battery contacts (reflex), or 4) zoom motor for P3 series.

Price does not include repair to damage camera(s) caused by dropping camera or replacing defective lenses, or missing parts, etc. We will do out best to repair minor damage from dropped cameras at no cost. Repair to damage beyond minor damage will be quoted prior to beginning repair.

Camea Services Performed:

Dismantle and clean camera thoroughly:

Remove hardened grease from spring motor and associated gears
Chemically degrease shutter assembly
Chemically degrease speed control and regulator assemblies
Replace speed regulator friction pad as necessary
Clean inside and outside of case as necessary
Clean focus/eyepiece
Check/repair footage counter for operation
Tighten all loose screws
Recondition take-up spool clutch assembly
Check film door lock and repair as necessary

Check shutter angle

Proper lubrication as necessary

Remove and replace all leather

Recondition all leather coverings (as necessary)

Clean and polish camera case edges

Calibrate and adjust film transport assembly for:

Proper loop forming
Film registration
Film transport

Check operation of all controls

Manual shutter operation
Speed control (FPS)
Backwind operation

Check light metering (as appropriate)

Clean battery compartment(s) as necessary (labor for replace is included)


Inspect all lenses for proper operation
Check for proper lens/viewfinder calibration
Report and estimate on lens and other work, if needed.

Reflex Models:

Check split focus on P1 and P3 models
Clean zoom battery compartment(s) on all reflex models (parts extra)

Overhaul Pricing:

Overhaul price for B8 is $299.00

Overhaul price for B8L is $299.00

Overhaul price for B8LA is $299.00

Overhaul price for C8 is $299.00

Overhaul price for C8S is $299.00

Overhaul price for C8SL is $299.00

Overhaul price for D8L is $299.00

Overhaul price for D8LA is $299.00

Overhaul price for P1 is $329.00

Overhaul price for P2 is $329.00

Overhaul price for P3 is by quote. Please email.

Plus return postage and insurance @ $17.00 delivered in the USA, only. Outside the USA, please email us for a shipping quote.


Any small parts such as screws and springs are included at no charge.

The overhaul price is plus parts, if needed, and the price quoted specifically excludes repair or recalibration of: lenses, battery box contacts, spring motors, shutter assembly, light metering and related parts. Repair labor for these areas that require parts is extra only if the parts are not purchased from Bolexrepair.

If the parts are purchased from Bolexrepair, installation labor is not charged during the overhaul.

If parts are supplied by the customer, Bolexrepair will install said parts at no charge during installation unless the installation requires the item be recalibrated. Recalibration is necessary for all lightmeters and related parts such as: galvanometers, selenium cells, light meter indicating needles and other related parts. Essentially, there is no labor charge for parts installation unless the installed parts must be recalibrated.

Damaged or worn out parts may be replaced at time during the repair with either 1) customer's parts or 2) parts purchased from BolexRepair.

Return shipping including insurance and tracking through US Postal System within the USA.

Return shipping outside the USA is quoted on an individual basis. Please email us for more information.

Included with all work a CD-ROM of the Bolex Factory Repair Manual for your camera model. All repaired cameras have a minimum 30 day written warranty.

Click here to see how to send in you camera for evaluation or to see other repair and maintenance FAQS.

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