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Bolex light meter batteries are no longer for sale as they contained mercury. There are replacement batteries of the correct voltage (1.4-1.6 VDC) available. One such battery, an Sony PR675 Wein Cell. As it is a different physical size, a custom adapter is included.

The Bolex camera's battery holder is located on the right side of the camera case at the top right corner. The cover plate unscrews counter-clockwise. The adapter goes in first and either way. There is no up or down on the adapter. Its only purpose is to take up the difference in length between the original and replacement batteries.

What does matter is that the battery itself, the PR675 Wein Cell must be put in with the (+) sign on the battery visible. Or in other words, with the positive side (+) outward. The camera's screw in cover will touch the bottom of the battery and make contact on the plus (+) side of the battery. See the BOLEX manual for the procedure to use and/or to calibrate the light meter.

When finished filming for the day, you can remove the battery or leave it in place. It will last about 1 year under normal use. This battery is available locally and online.

Replacement batteries are also available from:

or you can do a Google search for PR675 Wein Cell or purchase it locally.

Cost is approximately $5-6.00 plus postage.

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